Released: May 27th 2013 | RUG525T

Drawing from the band's latest record Centipede Hz, the Monkey Been To Burn Town EP features remixes of "Monkey Riches" by Gang Gang Dance's Brian Degraw, Chicago Juke producer Traxman and New York underground dance producers Teengirl Fantasy, as well as a remix of "New Town Burnout" by Seattle based hip-hop collective Shabazz Palaces.
Pre-order now and recieve an instant grat MP3 of the Monkey Riches (Brian Degraw [Gang Gang Dance] Remix) AND the Shabazz Palaces remix!

  1. Monkey Riches (Brian DeGraw [Gang Gang Dance] Remix)
  2. Monkey Riches (Tha Traxman Teklife Remix
  3. New Town Burnout (Shabazz Palaces Remix)
  4. Monkey Riches (Teengirl Fantasy Remix)